5 footwear brands that are ethical and sustainable

Did you know that around 23 billion of shoes are produced every year around the world, to cater to our needs and style? That is nearly three times the population on the face of the Earth. An article from ‘Business Insider India’ states that almost 300 million pairs of shoes end up landfills annually causing a serious risk to the environment.

Attibo Textiles – Anatomy of a label

Started in late 2017, Attibo Textiles, with a vision to design unique women's formal wear at affordable prices for the BOSS LADY

House of Baalee – Anatomy of a label.

Their love for geometric shapes is the inspiration behind the House of Baalee label's all the products. Their geometric shaped earrings could be categorized as sophisticated, stylish and whimsical. Many people don't understand that simple yet sophisticated designs are in fashion now.

Geethika Kanumilli – Anatomy of a Label

What started as a self-sustained business in the early years, now Geethika Kanumilli is a well-known brand across South India. With years of hard work, now she is looking forward to expanding her brand to different cities all across India.

The Narration – Anatomy of a label

Bearing in mind the amount of waste produced during the production of an attire, The Narration was founded not only to maintain sustainability but also to design clothes in such a way that it keeps customer happy without harming the environment.

Sustainability, fashion, and sustainable indie brands.

Keeping in mind the importance of nature and environment, all the sustainable brands designs and manufactures clothes in an eco-friendly manner, producing a limited amount of clothes, using environmental friendly clothing dye and recycling so that it requires less water. Instead of producing a large amount, sustainable brands produce garments that on-demand making it timeless.


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