Rang Kaari – Anatomy of a Label

The brand wants to give their customers a stylish clothing experience, which is according to their requirement and choices. Be it a women or men, everyone can create their perfect outfit from Rang Kaari’s carefully curated pieces.

Vingi – Anatomy of a label

Sapna Singh's inspiration behind creating a brand like Vingi was the vibrant old Indian crafts. It is full of colour, intricate artistic detailing and art in its purest form. She finds everything about Indian crafts quite inspiring.

Laces And Loops – Anatomy of a Label

The label LacesandLoops is where Shahana Sulaiman shows off her embroidery skills as well as produce masks that are functional in current environment. The idea of creating a business from the current essential in the society, she created LacesandLoops. She has tried to make fashion meet quality through the label.

Aseem Shakti -Anatomy of a label

Aseem Shakti's designs are not only comfortable but also functional, utility oriented and elegant, which makes absolute sense it being a work wear brand. The label is not just only another fashion brand in the market but they identify themselves as a social enterprise working towards getting women into the workforce. They are a skill-development and employment generation organization for women from disadvantaged or less-advantaged background.

Karan Arora – Anatomy of a label

The brand Karan Arora tries to bring back the love for Indian fashion and textiles, while owing to the experience gained over decades of family businesses in threads and embroidery works, the brand has made unimaginable intricacies and detailing in hand craftsmanship.

Sihansh – Anatomy of a label

The thought behind creating a label like Sihansh is globalising Indian Handicrafts by transpiring Indian ethnicity in to contemporary market. The essence of the collections lie in its intricate details and aesthetic approach inspired from nature and life.

Raj Shah – Anatomy of a label

A niche brand, Raj Shah caters to the most luxurious desire of their clients. They work with exquisite materials like pure gold hand paints, Swarovski diamonds, etc, all in accordance with traditional Indian crafts and techniques. The design team uses intense pattern making and draping, something that their creative director embraces by all force.

Pairahann – Anatomy of a label

The label focuses on designing bridal lehengas and wedding couture, which are 100% personalized and handcrafted for a memorable and perfect bridal moment. Their designs draw inspiration from cultural heritage and Indian art forms, which gives their outfits a grace that every woman deserves.


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